Introductory Courses

Learn how to get the most out of your digital SLR camera. With this 7.5 hour course spread over 3 evenings, you will learn how to maximize the potential of your camera and become a better photographer.

The Presenter

Andy Zeltkalns, a member of Muskoka Arts and Crafts, is an avid nature and landscape photographer who has been involved in photography for over 40 years. Andy looks forward to sharing with you his experience and his passion for photography. Come out for three evenings of learning and fun.

What this course will cover

Camera set-up
Digital basics (resolution, picture file formats, colour)
Understanding exposure
How to combine shutter speed and aperture to capture motion and manipulate depth of field
Lenses and how to use them effectively
Basic flash photography
Accessories for your camera and camera care
Field tips and techniques for nature and landscape photography

Session two and three will include some hands-on activities to help you practice your photography skills.

Payment and Cost

Cost (2017): $100.00 (HST included) Includes a 20 page manual which summarizes the course.

For payment I have added a pay-pal link to each course where secure payment can be made with a credit card or with a pay-pal account if you have one. You will then receive an invoice by e-mail and a confirmation for the course.
(Limit 15 people)

Introductory Course 2017

To be announced.
Location: Bracebridge- Specific location to be announced soon.